The truffle-producing chain in the east of France can only develop by improving our knowledge of how truffle grow. 

It is for this reason that experimentation on truffle-production is essential.

We carry out experiments in our truffle-ground, in partnership with the INRA, on the truffle's requirements in water over each season.

For this purpose, a strict protocol has been defined in order to provide a water supply during critical periods in certain areas, whereas other areas are left parched and dehydrated.

After a few years, analysis of the harvests and numerous physical and chemical parameters in the soil, will enable us to suggest a line of conduct to professionals who wish to invest in a watering system for their truffle-grounds.

A great number of other questions still arise for truffle-farmers and we will do our best to try and answer them in due course.

Because truffle production is very homogeneous in one and the same truffle-ground, we have decided to limit the number of subjects to experiment on, enabling numerous repetition of each experiment on the same site. By doing this, we hope to overcome  random effects on production.